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Unleash Your Inner Food Rebel: Conquering Picky Eating with Natalie Pelto

Oct 10, 2023

Hey, lovely rebels! It's your girl, Natalie Pelto, co-founder of Blue Life Rx, and today I'm here to dish out the top-secret recipe for defeating picky eating. Are you ready to embark on this wild journey of culinary liberation? Buckle up because I'm about to spill the beans (literally) on the three game-changing steps to make picky eating a thing of the past!

Step 1: The Fading Technique - Unlocking Resistance

First off, let's talk about the "Resistors." You know them – the kids who stick to the same few foods and glare at anything green like it's a villain in a superhero movie. Well, it's time to bring out the superhero in them!

Enter the Fading Technique. Picture this: a 10% increment using the foods they adore, combined with healthier options. Think pancakes with a dash of white beans for a protein boost. And did you know picky eaters often have zinc deficiencies? No worries, just sneak in those zinc-rich white beans into their pancakes – they won't even notice!

This isn't about hiding food; it's about crafting exciting new recipes. Slowly but surely, this technique will not only expand their palate but also supercharge their zinc levels and appetite for new foods. Boom!

Step 2: Food Chaining - Onward to Adventure

Moving on, let's explore the Adventurer stage. Here, kids start eyeing your food with curiosity, thanks to the Fading Technique. But don't stop there; this journey's just begun!

Step 2 introduces the magic of Food Chaining. It's all about finding foods that feel safe and gradually introducing similar ones in different forms. Take peanut butter on toast, for instance. Transition to frozen fruit jelly, then throw some strawberry slices on their toast. Soon, they'll munch down on a whole strawberry – victory!

Food Chaining hinges on slight changes – color, texture, shape, or appearance. It's a groundbreaking approach that's especially effective for those stubborn picky eaters.

Step 3: The Art of Negotiation - The Final Frontier

Now, my fellow rebels, we've reached the pinnacle of our picky-eating mission: negotiation. But hold your horses; you don't start here. We've got to ensure they feel food is safe and their chemistry is recalibrated through the previous steps.

When it's time to negotiate, choose their favorite food, but opt for the healthiest version – think black bean brownies that taste like cake but pack a nutritional punch. Avoid force-feeding (it only creates trauma), and instead, gently introduce new foods within their favorites.

For example, slip a tiny piece of cauliflower into a bite of brownie. As they adjust, switch the ratio until they're eating a whole serving of broccoli or cauliflower – no sweat!

Personal Promise and a Dash of Hope

I've walked this path professionally and personally. As a certified advanced child brain development specialist and a mom to a child who once lived on nuggets, grilled cheese, and fries, I get it. It might seem impossible, but I promise you, it's not. Stick to the process, and you'll see incredible results.

I've achieved a 100% success rate using these techniques to help children conquer picky eating. So, welcome to the revolution! If this knowledge has nourished your soul, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and share it with friends and family. Let's make sure our kids get the nutrition they deserve.

If you have any questions or need guidance, drop a comment below or shoot me a personal message. Remember, we're all in this together on our delicious journey to food freedom! 🥑🍓🥦

Stay fierce, food rebels! 🌟

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