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What you should avoid in your autism child's lunch box to help them build a brilliant brain?

Aug 31, 2023

Hey there, lovely souls! Welcome to the vibrant world of Blue Life RX.

It's Natalie Pelto, co-founder extraordinaire, here to dive into the amazing journey of unraveling the secrets of autism from the holistic perspective of lifestyle medicine. We're all about crafting those dazzling young minds, while also quelling the pesky symptoms that can stir up trouble in our beloved kiddos.

But hey, before we embark on this thrilling adventure, I've got a little request for you: set a reminder to check in here weekly! Get ready for a treasure trove of autism insights that won't cost you a penny. Time's a precious gem, I get it, so let's keep it concise and electrifying.

Today, it's all about the delicate dance of do's and don'ts when it comes to packing those school lunches. With the school year buzzing back into action, this is THE talk of the town. And don't fret if you're mid-school year – this wisdom applies no matter where you're at.

Picture this: you're in the school lunch limelight, and the spotlight's on your child's plate. The classic question pops up: "What should I feed my little munchkin?" Well, here's a nugget of wisdom: success is a trail of breadcrumbs leading us forward. Numero uno, let's have a chat about those American school lunches. We're talking about nutrient-free zones, folks. Chicken fingers and gluten-dairy extravaganzas are the stars of the show. But guess what? They're also inflammation instigators, especially for our autism warriors dealing with gut issues. These kinds of foods can trigger a brain "party" that impairs cognitive abilities right when school smarts are needed.

So, tip numero uno: steer clear of those school-provided lunches. Yes, it's a bold move, but hang tight. This isn't an all-or-nothing deal, especially for you superhero working moms. But beware, these lunches? Not your kiddo's BFF. School lunches across the pond? Oh, they're in a whole different league – quality ingredients galore! Yet, even with fancy ingredients, gluten and dairy still sneak in. So, no matter your GPS coordinates, pack those lunches at home, and we've got your back in the Blue Light Autism Program. Just hit that link below.

Ready for tip number two? Let's talk beige foods. Sure, crunchy beige stuff is a sensory playground for our spectrum rockstars. My credentials? Oh, just being a mom who's been there. My son went from nonverbal to no more autism diagnosis. Clues, folks! But here's the scoop: beige dead foods? Not the kings of nutrition. No, don't even think of pouring loads of money into those chic CHA brand meals. They're cool for occasional treats, not lunchbox royalties.

Okay, let's level up to tip number three – the forbidden juice boxes. Yeah, I know, they're cute and convenient, but they're sugar monsters in disguise. That innocent-looking box? Over 21 grams of sugar. That's your daily sugar allowance, right there! Result? Hyperactivity city, population: your kiddo.

Now, the heart of the matter. Let's flip this script and talk about the magic "do's." You want brain power? You got it. Live foods, seeds – they're the wingmen of developing brains. And seeds? They're like brain food superheroes with omega-3s, magnesium, and zinc on their side. Brain power? Check!

Wrapping up, it's all about vibrant veggies and low-sugar fruits. Watermelon, mangoes – they're not the go-tos. Opt for low-sugar berries, and don't forget that veggie rainbow. Oh, and if nuts aren't cool, seeds have your back.

There you have it, my fellow explorers. A whirlwind tour of lunchbox mastery – the Blue Life RX way. Stick with these guidelines, and you'll be the captain of your child's brain-boosting adventure. And remember, just one click away lies the Blue Light Autism Program, ready to dive deep into this universe with you. Stay curious, stay magical, and until next time, keep rocking that Blue Life!

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