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Our friends, family, patients and clients always tell us they...

  •  wish they weren't tired all the time

  •  don't want to take pills or bandaid therapies

  •  are bloated all the time and always craving foods that are salty, fatty and sweet

  • want better digestion free from, heartburn, stomach aches, diarrhea and constipation

  •  wish they felt like their past vibrant selves

  • wish being healthy was easier

  • wish their heart disease, diabetes or cancer had an easier route

  • wish their body had a reset to factory settings button

  • wish someone could find the route cause of their symptoms (headaches, nausea, pain, skin issues, asthma, seasonal and food allergies)

  • wish they could just be happy but they are constantly blue

  • wish their brains would just cooperate and clear up from the brain fog

We're Mylene and Natalie Blue Lifer's forever!  

We are two individuals brought together by the world to be a trailblazers in the Lifestyle Medicine Movement.

Through each of our own unique life trials and personal growth journeys we found each other exactly when it could be coined the "perfect timing".

It started with a meatless Monday group, followed by long walks filled with conversations & dream sharing of a different future for our current healthcare system.

Within the next few years, we've gone from immersing ourselves into lifestyle medicine practices and shifting from frontline emergency and x-ray, to leading a movement of health (via blue zone living) inspiring even our inner circle skeptics to making small daily changes towards their longevity and vitality!

We seek to inspire through our own lives, what is possible for everyone. 

Being a support for our physicians struggling, being over burdened and crunched on time with endless paperwork/prescription refills often feeling unable to offer an alternative to medications that are slowly no longer working. We support by offering a strategy, resources and processes to bring speed, ease and simplicity to their patient visits through lifestyle medicine education and for the patients (even those suffering with debilitating chronic illnesses) the option that there are more evidence based options they can start working on within their communities and the comforts of their homes.

Our mission to bridge the gap of reliance on only pharmaceuticals to using more lifestyle based approaches that empower our communities throughout the world.

We have B I G dreams for preventative care and also for people wanting another option of treatment who currently are feeling like they don't have one. 

Mylene is coaching me. We are doing high performance coaching. It has been helpful for me in many ways.

First, she is wonderful and I enjoy spending time with her. She has a great personality.

Two, it has helped me see somethings about myself that were already there and that I didn't know were there.

Three, it's helping me do the work necessary to reach my goals.She is guiding me through a series of carefully chosen exercise that are making a big difference in my life.

Thank you Mylene my wonderful coach!

~ Maxime Mercier

The Components of the Blue Lifer's Membership  

The Ultimate resource, hub, mentoring for your journey to overcoming chronic illnesses and much more.

The Blue Lifer's Membership is Perfect for you if...

  • You've been wanting to live longer and feel younger then you have in years

  • You're interested in overcoming stress with personal development, mindset  practices and want personal growth

  • You're a physician who would love to have more resources and a positive connection hub (of just physicians) to learn how to talk to your patients about lifestyle medicine without it taking hours and discuss specific situations and conditions.

  • You're a physician looking for more education and resources on lifestyle medicine for your patients

  • You want a place to refer your patients for lifestyle medicine education

  • You're a motivated individual whose ready for a different approach to your chronic illness or condition.

Natalie is exceptional. She is different than anyone else you may have worked with previously or will work with. She creates individualized plans with a vast knowledge to support the implementation for you to succeed. She meets you where your at and supports every step of the way. Your health has never been in better hands she is fantastic and so dedicated to your success! 

-Julie Walker

The Blue Lifer's Membership is a subscription of 185$ CAD quarterly (every 3 months) with the option to cancel anytime


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