The Best and Only Autism Support And Therapy Framework You Need To Get Your Child to Communication & Independence

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The Best and Only Autism Support And Therapy Framework  You Need To Get Your Child to Communication & Independence (Next Public Enrolment September)


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As a parent of a child with autism, does any of this sound familiar ?



  • Fight and fail to get your autistic kids to eat new foods

  • ¬†Struggle hard with social cues and end up in meltdowns from frustration

  • Wish more then anything that you didn't fear losing your child when they are out because they can't communicate¬†

  • Worry your child will hurt¬†themselves and you won't be able to know how to help them

  • Panic your children will run out of the home and possibly into traffic or worse, drown a river

  • Wonder if you will ever hear the sound of their voice

  • ¬†Feel overwhelmed at where to start¬†

  • Experienced excruciating guilt when judged by other parents¬†

  • ¬†Dream of¬†what life would be like with neuro-typical kids

  • Go to war to transition off screens

  • Bear disappointment and doubt when things don't show results immediately¬†


  • Tried¬†enough supplements to support an army with little results


  • Perceive that autism is your fault (psst... it's not your fault)

  • Know your child is in there, locked in their mind

  • Live in¬† trauma¬†and PTSD

  • Hate washing the walls and sheets because of the poo finger paint you wake up to daily



If any of these resonates with YOU?


You're in the right place.


Because your life can be free from the negative impacts of SEVERE autism symptoms.



Natalie Pelto Advanced Child Brain Development with Nutrition, Toxicology and Detox specialist, Nutritional Therapist, Lifestyle Medicine Certificate, Cancer Prevention, and Longevity Nutritional Advisor, Advanced gut restoration with nutrition and Advanced Clinical Weight loss practitioner. Prior life was a frontline healthcare worker in diagnostics for 21 years.

Truthfully I didn't start out with a goal to have 7 Nutritional Certifications. If someone would have told me even 8 years ago that I would be teaching families to use food as medicine I would have probably died of laughter.


Nope I started out as a party girl at age 22 destroying my body day in and day out.My lifestyle was the most unbalanced I have ever seen... and still the worst I have seen to this day.

Obviously this isn't the case now but I have to own what I was.. Then I had a child with non verbal autism and ...


For someone whose admittedly  lived with ALL her lifestyle pillars out of balance... It felt like I'd jumped out of a plane without a parachute, let me tell you. I was falling fast.


But I figured it out. There sure wasn't the communities or success stories like you see today. But I became the kind of person who didn't stop when uncertainty and fear was screaming at me to quit.

As a result, I put my sons autism into complete remission.


All I really wanted was a smile that reached his eyes. Eyes that didn't even look at me at the time. I got so much more... and so do many other families I work with. 

When I started my Nutrition Practice 8 years ago I knew that you didn't get healing without addressing the root cause of illness.


You don't have long term sustainable results in hitting milestones in autism like speech if you don't address all aspects of lifestyle. Period.


Luckily, because of my diagnostic medical background literally watching the inside of the human body getting sicker over 2 decades and understanding human physiology as well as Nutrition, I had figured out a simple process to get autism families results in picky eating, potty training and so many other gains. It wasn't complicated.


Those simple principles are the foundation of the Living Blue Life Autism Program guiding children on the spectrum to gains, better brain development, milestones and better health.


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BLA Testimonial Hifsha Bhatti

"Natalie has great knowledge of nutrition, excellent ideas which are easy to implement and you can see the results in few weeks...she is easily approachable, very professional and amazing mum who is helping others from her experience and wealth knowledge. Thanks for all your help Natalie and keep doing the good work."

The Blue Life Autism Costumized

The components of the Blue Life Autism Program


“I am so grateful that I came across this detox program and Natalie. she has given me help that has been invaluable for my family. By giving me tips and tricks on how to incorporate more vegetables into my son's diet we're beginning to see huge progress. Words are beginning to form, potty train and more regular bowels. I have found her advice to be some of the best advice, she has worked down this road with her own son and came out victorious ! She's always willing to help ! Thank you !!”

— Meghan Gioia, Autism Warrior Mom

The Conscious Detox


 The Blue Life Autism Program Is Perfect For You If You

You have a child with autism or who is autistic that you would like to see have more behaviour self regulation and resilience

  • Want your child to overcome picky eating easily


  • You want your child to adapt to different situations


  • ¬†You want a child who can avoid situations where they would be taken advantage of


  • You're ready to be coached hard with no fluff to get your family to where they can go¬†


  • You want fun in the family home while inspiring your family to take action in their health happily & easily


  • You want to be part of the solution for your child instead of sitting on the sidelines letting other people make decisions for them¬†
  • You're ready to learn exactly what to do in meltdown situations or even better how to avoid them completely
  • You want to know what lifestyle strategies to focus on right now so you're not wasting time on distractions and things that don't work
  • You wish your child the independence they deserve to live a joyful and fulfilled life


  • You want your life to be an adventure and you want your family to be able to go on adventures


  • You want to understand how to master the grocery store into for child brain development vs child brain destruction

  • You want to see your child become more empowered in their ability to communicate their needs and wants

  • You are ready to implement the daily habits to bring you the family healer to their greatest potential¬†

  • You want to be able to drop your child off at school or daycare without floodgates


  • You want your child to speak...

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Julie Walker

"Natalie is exceptional. She is different than anyone else you may have worked with previously or will work with. She creates individualized plans with a vast knowledge to support the implementation for you to succeed. She meets you where your at and supports every step of the way. Your health has never been in better hands she is fantastic and so dedicated to your success! "

The investment for The Blue Life Autism  Program is a one-time payment  of


8 Monthly Payments of 689$


12 monthly payments of 450$


For Lifetime access and ongoing coaching Support

(Next public enrolment date May 17th to the 23rd)


You'll have immediate access to the course content, and all future released content including bonuses, future updates, workshops & trainings. Members have lifetime access to Course material & weekly coaching.


The investment is completely RISK FREE

(PIF ONLY) I'm so confident you will see gains in regressive autism within the program that if you have not seen gains after the 6 simple principles + mindset techniques have been implemented over a the course of 6 months.

I'll refund your purchase

Paid in full + must be present to at least 12 coaching sessions, filled out journals & done the ARI assessment monthly & posted the scores within the community

Even if you've never tried lifestyle changes before.

Even if you've never cooked before.

Even if you are on a waitlist for therapies and haven't started anything yet.

If you want to learn how to have more MILESTONES, GAINS & INDEPENDENCE in your child.

You can do consistent actions daily, it's time to start right now.

We're not waiting until everything is perfect, because it never is.

You get started where you're at right now. I'll show you how.

Your child is waiting for you to help them, and they WANT to have the independence too. Don't make them wait.

The investment is
After learning and implementing the content and resources in the program, if you haven't seen any gains in your child after implementing the mindset and foundations of the program I will refund you. For the full results guarantee policy, See the terms and conditions

Commit to the process. Apply the simple steps.
Go at your speed although I recommend getting those first wins fast.


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Felicia J.

We have been on the program for almost two months now and have definitely noted a much greater openness from both children to try new foods. We are seeing some desirable behaviours more often and less desirable behaviours less often already. The support is great and allows for more personalized advice that can really apply to us as a family.

Frequently Asked Questions


Inside the Blue Life Autism Program we normalize children on the spectrum becoming independent and living the life of their dreams

In the Blue life autism program we normalize children going from non verbal to communicative & expressive.

We offer families a life of full time adventure and the ability to go on adventures. 

We give the ability to choose how we want to live our lives.

Future generations will be forever impacted by the ripple effect of the health your creating and the change we are embracing

 We like doing things that require discomfort grit and grace because it tells the world we are the change

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