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Before joining the Blue Life Autism program I felt like I was living in a chronic state of fear. My son was different every day sometimes hour to hour. I never knew which version of him I was going to get. It was heartbreaking to watch him struggle and not know why. He was struggling with numerous severe food allergies/sensitivities, deregulation, and emotional swings, chronic eczema, a very restrictive diet, and frequent skills fluctuations. I refused to believe there wasn’t anything I could do to help him feel better and that this was how he was to live because it all falls under what children with autism live with. That is what I was told before joining the Blue Life Autism program. I have also heard this too many times from families I work with as I am a speech-language pathologist.
Since being a part of the program for a little over a month, this fear has shifted into HOPE, TRUST, and CONFIDENCE. When I told Natalie my son’s symptoms rather than being told “That’s all part of autism”. She educated me on my son’s root cause for those symptoms. She gave me actionable steps that I could take to help remediate those symptoms and they worked! When we hit a roadblock, she helps me problem-solve, pivot if needed, and get back on track. This quickly built TRUST in the process of healing from the inside, to see improvement and stability on the outside. This also gave me HOPE. I can’t emphasize that word and feeling enough. HOPE that with time, persistence, and a well-rounded team my son will live a happy, fulfilling, and comfortable life. With the Blue Life coaching format, I am gaining CONFIDENCE in myself to understand food’s impact on the body as this is something totally new to me.  
If you are thinking about joining the Blue Life Program, I can’t recommend it enough. I have been in your shoes feeling scared and at times hopeless. This community will bring you up when you are down, give you ideas when you are stumped, shed happy tears with you for your victories that WILL happen, and NEVER EVER underestimate your child’s potential because you have received a diagnosis.


Our life before the BLA in regard to autism was sufferable. We would research a natural healing method, implement it, and see little to no results from them all. I researched, I prayed, I read the books; nothing changed. We spent thousands on holistic doctors, appointments, and their remedies with even more thousands spent on supplements, hoping and praying it would change our son’s healing course. But unfortunately, it didn’t. 
Being part of the BLA has given us the love and support that I, as my son’s mother, felt I needed the most. I needed another mom who went through the same experience to hold my hand (even if virtually), tell me everything was going to be ok, and to guide me through healing steps; not take advice one more time from someone who had no experience with autism. Natalie has provided that exact thing plus so much more to my family. I feel guided individually for my son, and prompted to be the best I can be for him as well. I have made friendships with other moms across the globe, those of which will last forever due to this incredible bond. 
If I could tell another autism mom trying to decide to join the BLA anything it would be that growth is possible; change is possible; and evolution within your child and yourself is very possible. It will not be easy, but it will be so worth it. 
Thanks Nat ❤️🥹


Before I Joined the Blue Life Autism program, I was a lost mom with a child who had pronounced signs of Autism. My child had a lot of issues that i tried to discuss with his doctors and his therapists but did not understand and they all used to say it’s part of Autism. I knew my son was suffering but I didn’t know how to help him.
He used to eat only crispy chicken wings and fried mango. He would eat only one food in a year and would not eat in school. At home too he would only eat the mangoes majorly. As a dietitian, I knew his major issues lie in his dietary restriction but I couldn’t help. I tried everything but it didn’t work. He wouldn’t also sleep until I rock him for hours and when he does he wakes up after 3-4hrs.
After I joined the program just the first tip I got from Natalie before I paid changed my son's sleep life drastically he started sleeping himself. And would sleep for 8hrs. Now my son has added many more foods to his preferred foods and he now looks me in the eyes, he kisses me every time, he has started to pretend play and he is more aware of his environment. I am so excited about all these changes because I am still in the beginning stages I haven’t even gone deep enough in the program. I feel more relaxed and my son also feels more relaxed and happy. He now eats in school and doesn’t cry so much and his teachers keep telling me he is more happy and more relaxed. They also said they noticed he is more aware of things and has been asking for what he wants as compared to crying unnecessarily.
I will advise every mom with a child with signs of autism or already diagnosed with autism to hop on the train of this program because it’s the best thing that has happened to my child and I. I am very hopeful and sure my son will be back to himself through this program. This program is the best gift you can give yourself and your child.

Son is more interested in foods and moved up to a mainstream classroom and daughter is more verbal and engaging.



Thriving in receptive  language, reduction in aggression, sensory avoidance diminished and social relationships with family are thriving beginning at 7 years old



Playing ball with dad and coming out of his own world and into ours! Turning into a little chef in the kitchen



Nonverbal to sentences and engagement at home and at school


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